Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Advent Meditation for December 24, 2009

The First Nowell
Scripture: Luke 4:16-21; Isaiah 61:1-2

This English carol dates from the 17th century and is one of my top three favorites. The words are not so different from other hymns that tell of the angel’s announcement, the shepherds on the hillside, the bright shining star and the birth of the King of Israel, but there is something compelling about the music. I love to hear it; I love to sing it.

The Luke passage is spoken by Jesus in the synagogue in Nazareth and is a quote from Isaiah 61. God had appointed Isaiah to bring good news about the coming Messiah and now, in Luke, Jesus speaks as the very one about whom Isaiah had prophesied. Both proclaim salvation!

Words to ponder: Center your thoughts on Christ, the King of Israel, the One who came so that you and I might have abundant life. Consider the abundance you enjoy as a believer and thank God for it.

Many of you have e-mailed or called to see about Tom and to assure us of your prayers. Thank you so much! I did not see the doctor today so don't have any idea about the extent of the illness or just how long they expect to keep Tom. We're taking it one day at a time. I will say that I have never seen him look so weak and helpless--a sight that is difficult at best. He has always been my "knight in shining armor" and is not supposed to be anything but strong. Sitting there with him this afternoon I kept thinking of how many times he has sat by my bed, waiting and praying and sharing his strength with me. Now it's my turn.

Pastor Margaregt

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