Sunday, December 13, 2009

Advent Meditation

Day 15 – Gentle Mary Laid Her Child
Scripture: Luke 1:26-33

It is hard to think of Mary as being anything but “gentle” and surely it is also a word to describe the babe lying in the manger. Words in the first verse express humility: Gentle Mary laid her child lowly in a manger; Such a babe in such a place, can He be the Saviour?

A growing excitement is present in verse two: Angels sang about His birth, Wise men sought and found Him; Heaven’s star shone brightly forth, Glory all around Him. Shepherds saw the wondrous sight, Heard the angels singing; All the plains were lit that night, All the hills were ringing.

Verse three offers the praise due the humble, undefiled babe who is the King of Glory: Son of God, of humble birth, Beautiful the story; Praise His name in all the earth, Hail the King of glory!

Words to ponder: Consider the word “gentle” and the character of a person who is described in this way. Is it a good word for Mary? Where she is concerned, the word seems to imply a quiet, submissive spirit that is dependent on God? Would you describe yourself as “gentle?”

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