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Advent Meditation - December 6, 2009
Day 8

Day 8 – Angels We Have Heard on High
Scripture: Luke 2:14

This traditional French carol is a favorite of many. It is bright, uplifting and repeats the message of the angels: Glory to God in the highest. When we think of the announcement brought to the shepherds we often think of loud, joyful songs, possibly heard for miles. The words in this hymn suggest something antiphonal with the angels singing a soft, sweet melody answered by a sound echoed from the mountains. In either case, the song of the angels was the message of “peace on earth.”

Words to ponder: The shepherds in yesterday’s hymn appeared to be afraid when the angels sang; those today are jubilant. Certainly they were startled and unsure of what they were hearing. Put yourself on that hillside. Hear the angels sing the message of peace. What does that mean to you? Remember that peace is not merely the absence of conflict, but peace comes with the Prince of Peace and when we put our trust in Him.

Dear Friends,
Today is the anniversary of ten years of my ordination as a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the PC(USA). I remember almost every detail of that day and I can almost hear the angels singing, Glory to God in the highest. There are so many memorable things about the service and activities surrounding it. I'll share two. Jacob was our only grandchild and he was only three at the time. He sat quietly through worship that morning, then returned for the ordination about two and sat quitely through that. His sweet little face is etched in my mind's scrapbook. The other is that my friend Marilyn was present, but when it came time for the reception, she and her husband did not stay. The ordination meant I had a call and the call was 2200 miles away and being separated from friends is difficult at best. If the truth be known, I would have left with her if I could have. The goodbyes to our church family where we had been for 29 years was sad!
I remember the steps leading to my call to go to seminary; I remember the years of study and the challenges of being in class with men who believed firmly that women should not be ordained; I remember the steps leading to my call to Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church in Sacramento County. I have no doubt that God has had a guiding hand on my life and my cup runneth over with all the blessings we have received. So, if you think you hear and angel or if a star is a bit brighter tonight it's me singing praises and smiling brightly.

Thanks to you who support us with your love and prayers.
Pastor Margaret

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