Friday, November 13, 2009

Praise the Lord!

After getting off to a bumpy start with a new chemo regimen last month, we seem to be back on track. I was more than a little concerned when the chemo drug sent my white count too low for treatment after only two doses and much more than a little concerned when my body reacted adversely to the shots to stimulate white blood cell growth. I wondered if we were reaching the point when I would have to choose whether to keep trying or discontinue treatment entirely. The doctor reassured us two weeks ago, adjusted the schedule ,laid out a new plan and we started again. Today was treatment two of the second set.

People have asked how they could pray specifically and my response has been: pray that the tumor marker goes down and the white and red blood cell counts go up. Today we learned that both white and red counts are a bit up from two weeks ago and that the tumor marker is down a little more than fourteen points since the end of September. When the nurse handed me the report I could not stop the smile that was coming from my toes to my face, nor the tears of joy and gratitude. I immediately called both of our children, then asked Tom, why me?

I have never questioned or blamed God for this cancer. My why me question is wonder at the amazing way God continues to answer prayers and keep me alive and mostly well! Cancer kills. It shows no respecter of persons; we cannot understand why some are healed, some go into remission, some live and continue to fight and others die. I may question the disease or different people's responses to treatment, and at times I get discouraged and really mad at the disease, but there is one constant in my life that I will never question: God is faithful and I am kept by His care. I sort of settle down into the comfort of that knowledge, then a little excitement rouses me and I remember the old saying: Please be patient. God isn't finished with me yet! Look out world.

Join us as we praise God for answered prayers!

Pastor Margaregt

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