Thursday, November 05, 2009

Not Much--I Thought

There isn't much to report on our end--no major changes, no crisis for either of us, not much really. But then that makes me wonder if God ever tires of hearing our praises or utterances of thanks for the ordinary things. We don't seem to tire of presenting God with our requests. This has been a wonderful week in every way!

Worship on Sunday was special with people of all ages participating. The sun was shining outside and the warmth of God's Spirit filled the sanctuary. God's people came to worship and to reaffirm their commitment to Him and to His ministry.

On Monday we celebrated Elisa's second birthday. It seems like just yesterday that we welcomed her into the world and I could honestly say that about each of the grandchildren. When I look at them I remember "Red Sails in the Sunset" from "Fiddler on the Roof." I attended a luncheon where that was sung shortly after Marty's birth and I cried openly when the song asked, "Where has my little girl gone?" I wanted to hold her forever and I have in my heart. The years pass so quickly and I continue to ask that question. Elisa loved her birthday and we all laughed a lot watching her opening presents, expressing innocent wonder with the contents of each one.

We have been able to get necessary chores done this week, both at home and otherwise. This has been the most beautiful of all falls spent in this part of the country! Every tree we see is more beautiful than the one we have just seen. The ghinkos and the maples are especially nice. Of course, the ghinkos remind me of our Mississippi home and those thoughts ignite lots of memories. The best part of all is having Tom beside me to share both the present and the memories.

Throughout the week I have said many "thank yous" and offered silent praise for the opportunity to continue in ministry; for the people who have adopted us in our temporary church; for healthy, delightful grandchildren--and the eighth one on the way; for their parents, our children who are more special than they realize; for the beauty of the earth; for Tom who can end my sentences and shares everything with me; for cards and letters, phone calls and e-mails; unexpected flowers delivered this afternoon.

No, I don't think God ever tires of our words of thanks and praise. He is an amazing God, the author of every good and perfect gift.

Pastor Margaret