Thursday, September 17, 2009

What a busy week this has been! It's been full of all the things I did before I retired--a lunch meeting with area pastors on Monday, a lunch meeting Tuesday with an older adult task force at the Jackson church, mid-week supper and Bible study on Wednesday in Humboldt and a committee meeting in Germantown (East Memphis) today. I'm looking forward to a slower Friday and Saturday.

Tom had two falls last week that have literally knocked his feet out from under him. He fell on the porch last Tuesday afternoon, bruised and scraped his right arm and then Thursday night he fell across the arm of a chair and has a bruised rib. Consequently, I made the Memphis trip without him today. The falls have slowed him down a little, but he keeps looking forward with his amazing faith.

I still marvel at the way God brought us together so many years ago and how the love and respect continue to grow. If the love we had at the start had not grown, if honor were not a part of our relationship, if we did not respect each other and share the values we have, our days would be difficult to say the least. The dashing, svelte, young man in the uniform was replaced with a dignified lawyer in a three piece suit and regimental tie. Now, in the place of those two images is a tender, loving grandfather who has time and newfound energy to keep up with his grandchildren. His shoulders are slumped, unlike his military and lawyer postures; his speech is slower and sometimes slurred, also unlike the clipped military voice or the one used to try cases in court. I remember his years of leadership in the church and the presence he had in front of people. I also remember the years he spent sitting on the floor with pre-schoolers showing them and telling them about the love of God. The stately presence is only a memory; the tender, caring Tom is ever present. I cannot imagine life without him.

Pastor Margaret

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