Monday, September 07, 2009

There is an addition to the Saturday story. The doorbell rang during the afternoon and I went, expecting to see the mail carrier. Instead, standing on our front porch was my new friend , holding her husband's hand and smiling sweetly. Her whole countenance had changed from the morning. All the fear had been replaced with an adoring look at her husband. He introduced himself, apologized for any inconvenience from the morning and thanked me for being here. Together they handed me a pot of mums full of buds. She invited me to come visit her sometime. When I told Tom the difference in her expression, he said, "Well, she had her rock this afternoon." It was reassuring and very tender to see them together.

This afternoon two of our granddaughters came to play. I love to witness their imaginations at work. They asked for a new pack of sidewalk chalk and took it to design and draw a "playhouse" all over our drive and parking area in the back. At one point they came in and said something about fixing a snack for their imaginary family and suddenly I was taken back sixty years to playing house in the backyard with my cousin Julia. We had an imaginary kitchen next to the smokehouse and Aunt May would let us get cornmeal/grits from the barrel in the pantry to stir into our mudpies. We had such fun. I hadn't thought of that in years, but smiled with the memories of those special days. Later the girls came inside and I showed them a drawer where I had been collecting dress up things for them. I can just imagine the look on their great grandmothers' faces if they could see them playing in perfectly good kid gloves!

I'm freezing cinnamon ice cream and getting ready to make apple cobbler. This morning I made Julia Child's potato and leek soup. It's one of my favorite kinds of days. I hope yours has been restful and fun.

Pastor Margaret


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