Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Morning America just announced the start of fall at 5:19 a.m. tomorrow, September 22. When I was younger, fall was my favorite time of year. I love the same things today that I loved then, but as life moves forward, I'm more appreciative of each day, each season, not wishing away today for tomorrow. I love the smells, the changing colors, the way the sun casts different patterns of shadows. I love football, the excitement of a new school year beginning, cooler weather (or at least the prospects). I love the anticipation of the coming holidays. Officially, fall begins tomorrow. Realistically, it's still summer here--lots of rain and stifling humidity. Would the real fall please hurry? We're ready!

Are there little things that irritate you? Things that start small, grow and become like the proverbial burr under the saddle? In my experience, fitted sheets wear out first, leaving you with mismatched flat sheets. Knowing that, I had stocked up on extra fitted sheets, buying them when available. Recently, I noticed that the flat sheet from a set whose fitted counterpart has already found its way to the rag bag, is wearing thin on the edges. That observation has started a search for a couple of extra flat sheets and I can find nothing but sheets in sets. I'm convinced that it's a marketing conspiracy, an effort to get consumers to buy two of something when you only need one.

Along the same lines is pre-packaged produce in the grocery store. I have always been bothered by going to buy grapes and finding them in little bags. Two people don't need a big bag of grapes. Maybe that's a practice common to grocery stores in the South. I have finally gotten over the guilt of standing in front of the display and emptying a bag of produce until it's the size I want. Wouldn't it just be easier to let folks choose how many they want or whether they need one or two sheets?

What about drivers who fly past on rain slicked highways, thinking one should drive the speed limit even when it's unsafe? Recently, I called to get a replacement newspaper for one that was too wet to read. The replacement came, but on the next day. Who wants to read yesterday's news? Today's is bad enough!

I know where to register my complaint about the newspaper--though Tom advised me to cool off before I made the contact, but who do I tell about the produce and the sheets? Will it matter? Am I the only one who with a beef? Am I whistling in the wind?

Thinking of things like being happy that it's fall again is probably more productive than dwelling on things that are irritating. I'm beginning to sound like the Israelites who grumbled in the desert: "what we had to eat as slaves in Egypt is better than what we have out here;" "we would rather have died back there than out here." Oh yes, another little irritant: people who complain.

Hope your day is full of good things!

Pastor Margaret

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