Monday, August 03, 2009

This will be short--just wanted to touch base since it's been a while since I've written. Tom and I left on July 24 and returned yesterday. We spent a wonderful, refreshing week in the Black Mountains in Western North Carolina with our daughter, her husband and our grandson--plus their two dogs. We visited the Biltmore House in Ashville and went one afternoon to the Montreat Conference Center bookstore and international shop. There is a saying among Southern Presbyterians that visiting Montreat at least once is a prerequisite to going to heaven. I know that's bad theology, but I also know that I feel a little closer to heaven when I'm on the Montreat grounds. We have special memories of conferences and being with friends and Marty and Kevin were married there. It is indeed a special place!

The best part was being with family, getting to know Christopher. He is an active, curious, energetic eighteen month old. Did I mention cute? He loves trains, books and music, not necessarily in that order and he loves to dance. I am amazed at how he can match tones and rhythmic patterns. It was a real treat to be with them!

Now we are home, trying to get reorganized with household chores, yardwork, committee meetings and sermon preparations, to say nothing of doctor appointments that begin again next week. School starts for students on Wednesday; teachers reported today, though Liz has already spent several days getting her classroom ready. What happened to summer?

Until later - - -
Pastor Margaret

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