Friday, July 17, 2009

Here it is the middle of July and we ate supper on the back porch! That's pretty unbelievable for this part of the country. I just about had our supper ready, the table was set and Tom stuck his head out the back door to check on something or other. He turned to me and said, "This would be a perfect night to eat outside if we had the right kind of lawn furniture." My reply was, "No problem. We can put a cloth on the card table and sit on the porch." I asked if he wanted to leave the table so we might have breakfast there in the morning. He thinks it might be too cool. Unbelievable!

I am picking up Sarah and Jake in the morning for a blueberry picking outing. We had planned to go Thursday, but thunderstorms kept us indoors. Now I'm glad because it will be more pleasant picking in the cooler temperatures. I hope we get enough to stock two freezers for the winter.

This morning I was awakened to the news that there was water all over the kitchen floor. I got up to see and we could not find the source of it. I checked all the usual things that might produce water--nothing. After lots of mopping and some discussion about what to tell the plumber, I called him. He came and he couldn't find a leak anywhere. He suggested we call an appliance repair person to check the fridge. Wouldn't you know it? He can't come until Monday. In the meantime, we continue to check the floor and hope for the best. The floor needed to be mopped anyway.

Sunday I'm preaching at the church here in Jackson. It promises to be an interesting morning. After the worship service there will be a brief interlude and then one of the young women in the church is getting married. The pastor is flying home early from his vacation to perform the ceremony--but I still get to preach. Then I'll have two Sundays off before going back to Humboldt.

I learned yesterday that a friend I've had since my college days had surgery for a malignant brain tumor Monday. Her only family is a cousin who has challenges of her own in her immediate family. But my friend has her church family. The mutual friend who called said, you know how close they can be sometimes. Boy, do I know! Please pray for my friend with the tumor. Her name is JuJu.

We still are amazed at the unbelievable blessings in our life and even more amazed at the awesome God who abundantly provides for us.

Pastor Margaret

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