Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Lessons and other things learned in the last few days are on my mind this evening. Our Fourth of July celebration was just as full of friends, family and food as I thought it would be. I learned that even the children like variations on potato salad. I found a recipe for Pesto Potato Salad, thinking that it might flop, but we finished it off with folks asking for more--including two of the grandchildren. It was fun having the house full while the table groaned under the weight of all the food.

I had been a little concerned about how the traditional Patriotic Sunday celebration would come together with my worship convictions. It was truly a wonderful service and I enjoyed every minute of writing and preaching the sermon. As I stood at the front waiting on everyone to be served communion I looked out over the congregation and was overcome with a true sense of family. I learned a lot about their tradition and how it has shaped them.

Today we learned that my CA125 is going the wrong way again--up, "but not too high," as the nurse reminded me. As I pondered the news, I learned something about myself. I have put too much trust in those numbers, forgetting that God is in control, not the blood test. At times I feel like a yo -yo: one month the count is good, one month it isn't and it's easy to become discouraged or just downright mad at the circumstances. When I see the doctor this Friday I'm going to ask about the latest treatment to see if I fit the protocol.

Tom and I both had eye check-ups this afternoon and learned that I have some minor changes--not enough to go through changing lens. Tom, on the other hand, could possibly be helped by changing his lens, so he let me choose the frames. He is moving from practical to cool!

Last week while Jake was at Boy Scout camp I learned things about Tommy's scout camp experiences that I hadn't heard before now. Jake had a wonderful time, earned merit badges in first aid, swimming and canoeing. Scouting has been important to the men in our family and we were so glad to learn of Jake's excitement and achievments.

I have learned many lessons dealing with the illnesses in our family and just when I think I've risen to the top of the class, I get my "come-upance" and realize I will never learn everything I need to know about God's loving care. Thankfully, He doesn't tire of teaching us.

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