Friday, August 14, 2009

Tom had a birthday this week and I have thoroughly enjoyed it right along with him. Our celebration is on hold until Sunday so we can have ice cream and cake with the grandchildren, but he has gotten numerous cards and phone calls. Of course, I also got to talk with friends who called. How we both love hearing from friends!

In addition to a birthday we have had doctors' visits in our week. We went to Corinth Monday for a blood draw and again today to see the doctor. Wednesday Tom had a check up with the GI doctor. All is well with him--except for the annoyances caused by his Parkinson's. Monday he sees the neurologist.

I had learned on Tuesday that my CA125 had risen a few more points, but is still under 35. We don't like rising numbers, but in a quiet time earlier in the summer, I suddenly was struck with the realization that the bloodcount is not the most powerful force in my life. After dreading hearing the number all these months, I put it in God's hands and He took away the worry and replaced it with peace. Today my doctor said he will only be upset if the number grows by leaps and bounds between blood draws. He still is satisfied with my state of health: I feel good; nothing hurts; I'm as normal as I will ever be (Tom grinned when I said I was normal); and Dr. Reed thinks the time off from treatment will help when I eventually do begin again. I am cleared for the next drug he will prescribe and his patients who have had this drug have responded well. Only God can be responsible for the renewed peace that fills me!!

Thank you for your prayers.

Pastor Margaret

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