Thursday, August 27, 2009

On the way home from Bible study a little bit ago, I suddenly thought what a "normal" day this seems. That may seem strange, but though we live enthusiastically and joyfully, illness does play a big part in our lives. Today is different.

I was awakened by a friend in Mississippi, calling to say that she and two others are coming for lunch on Monday. Of course, they are bringing it and couldn't be talked out of it. They'll spend much more time in the car driving to and from than they will here, but they are FRIENDS--friends who even bring lunch and I can't wait to see them.

Tuesday was Presbytery, last night was first Wednesday supper of the year at Humboldt, we've made headway with closing Dad's estate, illness has taken a backseat. It's good to be "normal."

I saved the best til last! Sound the trumpets---grandchild #8 is a boy!!!! Marty called after the ultrasound today to tell us the good news. He's due January 26, on Christopher's second birthday. All is well; we're excited; and we're planning to go!

Nothing in life should ever be taken for granted. To be able to go to Bible study where and when we choose is one of the freedoms we have in this country. For us it's a special blessing to sit under the teaching of our son and learn from him. Most of us have acquaintances whose company we enjoy, but true friends are like rare jewels. How I value the jewels in our treasure chest! Being a part of the work of the church, getting chores done, continuing to live independently are all "normal" things for which I am thankful.

Today, most of all, we thank God for our children, their spouses and the special blessing of grandchildren!!

Pastor Margaret

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