Monday, July 21, 2008

To tell you what last week meant to me will take more than just a few words! I'm home, so glad to be back with Tom. Half of Monday is gone and I've done little more than get up, eat breakfast, lunch, check the mail and e-mail and wash a load of sheets. It's good to be lazy!

Being back at Fair Oaks was really special. In many ways it brought closure to our quick "get away" when we moved to Tennessee a year and a half ago. I honestly didn't think I would ever be there again or see my church family and that has been a source of real grief. I loved seeing so many at lunch on Tuesday and wished I could have had a personal conversation with each and every one. Still the welcome, the hugs and especially the prayer at the close of lunch filled me with a joy that will stay with me always. I may live far away, but we remain close in spirit.

The blogger convention was interesting, to say the least. There must have been a thousand people there--mostly young mother types, with a few men sprinkled here and there. They had come from across the country and talked about how blogging could be helpful to healing, how to post positively, how to blog to work for social change. Probably the most amazing thing to me was the marketing aspect of blogging. There was a ballroom full of sponsors and exhibitors, hawking their wares and offering free samples of children's games, CD's, computer software--you name it.

Of course, the best part of the convention was spending time with Marty and Christopher. He was a great little traveler and the hit of every crowd. He has this little infectious grin that won't quit.

Now I'm back in my own place, adjusting to the time change, the heat and humidity, trying to find stuff in the kitchen and resorting and folding the socks. When I found my hollow handle dinner knives in the dishwasher and the socks mismatched in fat balls instead of the way I do them, I heard the words of my mother-in-law saying, "Remember, no one ever does things exactly the way you do," her point being: be grateful for the help and don't sweat the small stuff. I could not have been away from home last week without Tommy and Liz and the lady who began helping us last summer. They each deserve a halo!

Thanks for reading.

Pastor Margaret

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