Friday, February 01, 2008

Where did the time go? This has been a short week and tomorrow we head west toward home. We have loved every minute of being here with Christopher, Marty and Kevin, but now we have to get back to our exciting schedule of visits with doctors, tests and a treatment at the end of next week. I have tried to memorize Christopher's features, the little faces he makes and the precious baby noises. He will have changed a lot by the next time we see him. He already looks a bit different from the first peek we had of him in the hospital last Saturday.

Babies are a wonder, a wonder that only God could have designed. The whole process is a wonder! Each time a baby is conceived and carried by a mother, each time a baby comes into the world another miracle takes place. The splendor and grandeur of God's creation, all creatures great and small, the changing of the seasons--all this and more make me absolutely dumbfounded with what God has done. Nothing, however, matches the miracle of babies. We now have six little miracles we know and love as grandchildren and we know how blessed we are.

The experience of this week with our daughter and her son has been pretty special.

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