Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Both the phone and my e-mail have been busy this morning with friends checking on us after last night's devastating storms. I am happy to report that we are fine, with no signs of wind damage, no limbs down and no loss of electrical power. We stayed glued to the TV from about 5:30 to 11:30 p.m. and listened for the tornado sirens which sounded off and on for long periods of time throughout the evening. You cannot live in this part of the country and not have done some advance planning for storms. We always keep bottled water, candles, matches, flashlights (and batteries) handy and we have a designated "safe" spot. As soon as we knew the estimated time the storm would be here, we took our supplies to the spot and got ready for the worst.

Interstate 40 intersects the city from east to west and US 45 and a 45 by-pass intersect it from north to south. We live just south of I-40 and between 45 and the by-pass. Most of the damage, certainly the worst, was north of I-40 and across 45 and the by-pass. Union University where students were trapped in destroyed dorms, some for several hours, is about a mile and a half to two miles from us, north of I-40. Most everything north of I-40 lost power and schools all around the area in West Tennessee are closed as crews assess damage and repair power lines. The amazing thing is that there were only two fatalities in our county. We are thankful to be safe, dry and warm. Tommy's family around the corner from us is safe as well.

Thank you for your prayers and concern. Please continue to pray for those across the South who have sustained damage and lost loved ones.

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Ron Jones said...

Dear Margaret and Tom,

Noah's Ark II and Rollingwood Parish have all been anxious about your well being since the tornado.....and we prayed for you last night. Then, this morning I looked up your Blog and forwarded the good news to all.

Know that we all love you in Jesus, and pray for you as the Lord reminds us of your needs......Blessings on you and your family........Ron & Mary Lou Jones