Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The last six days have been pretty incredible. Thursday of last week Liz asked if I would like to go with her for a sonogram and for an electrocardiogram of the baby. What an experience that was. My babies were born before any such modern technology and I'd only seen pictures of sonograms of my other grandchildren--never actually seen the real thing. The technician's job was to measure the baby and when she learned that this was my first time, she carefully explained what all she was doing and what we were seeing. Liz knew--mamas know things, but I had to be told lots of times. It was amazing. I thought of Psalm 139. God has been knitting that precious life together and He knows her well. Then the doctor came for the electrocardiogram and pronounced that everything is "beautifully normal."

Friday we left mid-afternoon for family camp, driving through some beautiful rolling green hills and lots of farmland to arrive at NaCoMe somewhere in middle Tennessee. This church has been going there for a weekend of family camp for about forty years and there were people there who go that far back. Others grew up in the church and continue to go and take their families. There is something extremely heartwarming about watching people of all ages come together to learn, to worship, to play and to laugh together. It was a great way to get to know folks. There were a couple of down sides--both originating with us. The real change in routine for Tom and the extremes of temperature (really hot outside and pretty cool inside the cabin) caused stress for him. Walking on rocks and uneven ground made my feet tender and sore and they are still trying to recover, but they will eventually.

When we arrived home Sunday afternoon we had a message from California friends , Walt and Pam, who had planned to "come by" on Tuesday. They were continuing a trip that had already taken them to Wisconsin and were on their way to Arkansas--we're glad they thought West Tennessee was on the way. They were ahead of schedule and wanted to come on Monday. Fine with us. It was sooooo good to just sit and visit and to have them here with us. I didn't want to let them go. Their visit took me back to many visits that Pam and I made to shut-ins to serve communion. I've never known anyone who invests herself more in the lives of those she visits. She could teach us pastors a thing or two--in fact she did teach this pastor.

Today another dear friend, Cheryl, came over from Nashville and brought her daughter in law. They are there with their husbands for a business meeting. Cheryl and I got to be friends when she served as an elder on the Congregational Care Commission with me. She and I share Southern roots and a love for the Lord that exhibits itself in the way we feel about our families. For us, she is the "go to person" when godly wisdom is needed in a situation. We didn't want to let her go either.

These six days have been all about family and friends--seeing a new grandchild and hearing her heartbeat; spending time with part of our new church family; savoring every minute of our visits with dear, dear friends from miles away. Though our friends had to go, to continue on their journeys, they never leave our hearts. My cup overflows.

Pastor Margaret

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You really make me smile big. Thank you.