Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today I took another step toward "foot freedom." After my appointment with the orthopedist I walked out of the office wearing two tennis shoes, but with a lace up support on my right ankle. It reminds me of those old fashion lace up leather shoes our grandmothers wore. I'm sure I have a button hook hidden somewhere in Mom's things. We've come a long way since those boots and since I fell two months ago. I still have to wear the boot at times when more support is necessary, but I can drive again and that is wonderful news. We all like our independence.

This weekend is the annual Family Camp for our church and our grandchildren have been talking about it for months. They are so excited especially because friends of theirs who moved to Atlanta during the Christmas holidays will be at camp with us. The camp site is about two hours from here and it actually is a camp that Tom and I both have attended before we were married. He went as a teenager and I went when I worked with Presbytery youth in the early sixties. We are told that lots has changed in forty years--like air conditioned cabins with real beds. I'm excited about that change. I've been asked to speak and I'm excited about that too. As much as I like to preach I really like to do teaching in informal type settings like camps and retreats. I hope our son won't be embarassed by his crazy mom.

I'll be sharing about the Christian disciplines of Bible study, meditation and prayer--the disciplines that God used to nudge me toward ordination and to enrich my Christian walk. Please pray that my words will touch hearts and change lives. There is such a difference in knowing about God and establishing a close relationship with Him. I want everyone to have that relationship. I remember a friend's words years ago when he was teaching one of the gospels for our Sunday school class. He said something like: "You cannot scientifically prove the existence of God or how He has worked in your life, but you can tell your experience with God. No one can deny your experience." I am not a scholar or a theologian, but I know what God has done for me, how He has touched me and used me, unworthy as I am. He has healed me from breast cancer, two bouts with ovarian cancer and pneumonia which came close to ending my life. He has given me an incredible family and special friends. I know the blessings of my life; I know how He changed me from a bitter, proud, insecure woman to be a vessel of His grace. God alone is worthy of praise and that is behind my talks this weekend. I haven't been so excited about teaching since I was asked to do "Through the Wilderness" for the FOPC Women's Retreat in 2006. God used that retreat in my life that I can't begin to tell.

Tom is asleep. He is tired. We let the medicine get a little off this afternoon then went to supper at the church. It was too much for him. He tries; I try; we try together. Still, we make mistakes and he suffers, but doesn't complain to me. I don't know what I'd do without him.

Thanks to all of you who keep up with us. Please keep up your prayers for our friend Susan, for our camp this weekend and for the Church around the world. God hears and God answers.

Pastor Margaret

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Bubblewench said...

I hope you have a blessed beautiful weekend. I would love to hear you preach and teach sometime. I respect and admire your faith. It's so beautiful.