Sunday, August 05, 2007

If I preached every Sunday or spoke every week I'd be a walking zombie. When I'm preparing I go to bed with the Scripture or the subject on my mind. I wake up in the night thinking--pushing words around. Last night was such a night. It didn't help that Tom awoke at three and spent the rest of the night getting in and out of bed, turning on the closet light to check the time and asking me how I was. I should have gotten up and come to the computer.

I have two preparations for this week. One is a brief talk on older adult ministry for a group at our local church. The question is: do I tell them what I think they want to hear or do I tell them what I think every church should hear? The other preparation is for a leadership training event in another state. It's about the graying church and implications for ministry. That, for sure, is not always a popular subject. Too many ignore the opportunities this age group presents. There are opportunities for them to give and opportunities for them to receive and yet they are either lumped together with all the other adults, starting with the just out of college crowd, or singled out as disagreeable, wrinkled and useless. What happed to "made in the image of God?"
Now, if I can put in outline form my early morning thoughts, I'll be ready to go.

One thing is certain. Where I was when I started with older adult minsitry a little over twenty years ago is drastically different than where I am today. Then, I was in my forties with teen aged children, looking forward to a grand and adventurous retirement. Today I am an older adult with grown children, grandchildren, living in forced retirement. Many of the things I knew intellectually and shared with others are now known experientially. (Some of those things I'd just as soon not know. ) I said there was one thing I knew for certain. That's wrong. There are two. This is the other: God does not call the equipped; He equips the called.

This week I get to share my passion for ministry with God's older saints with not one, but two groups. I hope I can stay awake.

Pastor Margaret

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Bubblewench said...

God does not call the equipped; He equips the called.

I love that statement. It is so true. I wish more people would realize that and know that he is providing you with what you need all the time.