Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The past few days have felt like Christmas. You know that special inner glow you get when the house is full of smells of fresh cedar, cinnamony candles and cookies baking in the oven. Everybody seems happy about everything. You eagerly await the arrival of family members and when all are together you are so glad to be together that you either all talk at once or forget what it was you wanted to say. It doesn't matter. You're together and that's what counts. Revisiting those days in your mind extends the pleasure and is better than any vitamin.

Last Saturday our dear friends, Mike & Nikki, visited us from California. We had anticipated their visit like children waiting for Christmas morning. Their lives, individually and as a couple, exemplify servanthood. They poured their lives into ours last fall. As Jesus said, "Greater love has no man than he lay down his life for a friend." He had Mike & Nikki in mind. It was so good to see them. Today I remember much of what we talked about, what we did, how we laughed together, but mainly I remember just being together. That's one of the real marks of friendship--when being together is the most important thing. The inner glow their visit brought about will last a long time.

This week we have help at our house. I learned of a lady who arranges caregiving services through a teacher friend of Elizabeth. We interviewed one another last week about both our current and possible future needs. For now we have two ladies who alternate coming for a few hours five days a week. Both Tom and I are very pleased with them. They all come from an evangelical African American church in town and see their work as Christian service. God has sent us two angels.

My legs are getting better and stronger and I have to remind myself to keep the weight off the broken ankle. Eight more days til the cast is removed! Yes, we are definitely counting the days.

As we count the days we also count the blessings of each day: hearing from old friends, making new ones, being with family, observing God's presence and provision. The Christmas smells won't be in the air for another few months, but the inner Christmas glow is constant nonetheless.

Pastor Margaret

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