Sunday, June 24, 2007

If I summoned the courage to get on a ride at the fair or at a carnival it would probably be the Pirate Ship. It swings back and forth little by little until people seated at both ends of the ship are way up in the air looking down. It looks pretty harmless compared to some of the other rides up and down the midway. I've always been the designated jacket or purse holder and I watch while everyone else is swinging back and forth, higher and higher. As I think about it, I realize my life is much like that Pirate Ship. It swings back and forth, higher and higher, never staying in one place long enough to stabilize. I'm up in the air on one side looking down, when suddenly, I'm swinging to the other side only to look down at another set of circumstances. Looking down, the view can be discouraging.

Here it is the end of June and summer has been on hold. Just when life seemed to be settling into a normal routine, I fell. I had prayed for God to use me, to give me teaching and preaching opportunities and they had begun to come. Three teaching commitments have had to be canceled. There I am up in the boat watching as summer keeps going and I'm just looking. Tom's condition seemed to be stabilizing so we could establish some sort of "normal" pattern. Then the boat swings the other way and our bearings need to be re-established. Still I'd rather be on the Pirate Ship than the Merry-Go-Round going nowhere or the Bumper Cars getting knocked silly. On the Pirate Ship I have a panoramic view; I can see more than I can possibly see on the ground; I can look into the heavens. Looking upward and outward makes the ride worthwhile.

Our help right now is coming five days a week and it is wonderful. Having just made it through two days without our caregiver friends makes me realize just how much we needed it. Tom has not had a good couple of days. Even with the alarm on his watch set for medicine times and my reminding him when it signals, he has forgotten to take some regular doses. He pays for it later. That has happened twice this weekend. Such occurences only serve as reminders that he absolutely needs the medication and he absolutely needs to take it on time. His memory continues to slip and it is more and more difficult for him to follow simple instructions. The two ladies we have, Brenda and Regina, are good with him, they don't hover and he responds well to their help.

Our family is growing. Many of you already know that Tommy and Liz are expecting a little girl in November and we are pleased to tell you that all is well. This makes five--just right for a coed basketball team.

Marty and Kevin are expecting a baby the end of January and she, too, is doing well. I have been so excited and anxious to shout the news from the rooftops, but wanted to respect her desire to not tell yet. Tom and I pray at every meal for both Marty and Liz and covet your prayers as well.

I always wanted a house full of children, but only had two. Grandchildren are making my wish come true.

Until next time - - -

Pastor Margaret

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marty said...

Surely Tommy and I were loud enough to simulate that house full of children for you :) Then Sugar had to count for at least 3 more kids. And Spook lived long enough to count as one too.