Wednesday, June 06, 2007

At least three lessons have been learned or reaffirmed during the past eight days: 1) The "life of Riley" isn't all it's cracked up to be; 2) Black and blue makes more than a fashion statement; and 3) Always keep your pedicure current.

If you could see me, you might think that I'm living the "life of Riley" (if you are old enough to remember that saying) or that I'm practicing being a princess. Since a week ago Tuesday night I have been in the bed with both feet elevated. I have a broken bone in my left foot and my right ankle is broken--a result of falling down three or four steps. I twisted the left foot, lost my balance and landed on my right foot. The doctor instructed me to put no weight on my broken ankle side and as little as possible on the broken foot. I haven't quite gotten the hang of levitating so here I am, propped on pillows, behaving myself in hopes that will insure a quick recovery. It's a great way to catch up with my reading.

When our family returned after being gone for several days, Jacob looked at my legs, smiled and said, "MawMaw your feet are black and blue." One is wearing a black boot and the other is immobilized with a blue cast--a color I got to choose. I've always liked wearing black and blue together and from now on will view the combination as one that heals. I go for more x-rays Friday to check on progress.

Getting a pedicure is a simple luxury or it can be a disaster. Most of the ones I've had fall in the luxury category, but since moving here I haven't found my idea of the perfect pedicurist. So, I had put off getting my toes "done." Now the thought of having to go several more weeks with "undone" toes is bothersome. Oh well, the color goes well with black and blue.

As always, things could be worse!
As always, blessings overflow!

As soon as our church family heard of our dilemna, they went into action. It was bad enough to fall, but I fell while Tommy and his family were on a much needed vacation and we were determined that they should not come home on our account. People have prayed, visited, brought flowers, books and the best Southern cooking! One day Tom went to the back door and there was a lady sweeping off the porch. We are experiencing another part of the body of Christ and are being refreshed by cups of water offered in Christ's name.

So, what is God teaching me through this? Obviously the three lessons at the beginning of the blog come to mind. But, I'd have to say that I'm also learning something new about patience. I'm learning what it means to "rest" in the Lord. I am trusting God to act in His time and am being reminded not to sweat the small stuff. God is certainly bigger than any broken bones!

I am learning something new about presence. You know that being present with someone is often far more meaningful than what you say or do. When I was hospitalized last fall, the presence of my children meant more to me than all the medicine I was being given. They put a smile on my face and joy in my heart when they came into the room. I have seen Tom respond in similar ways when they are present. Yes, they help physically, but to me that's not the most important thing. It is their presence that counts. That's how it is with God, but even more so! Yes, I am trusting and resting in God's healing, but it is the promise of God's presence with me at all times that sustains me. It keeps a smile on my face and joy in my heart!

My granddaughter, Sarah, said it best when she was telling me about the first day of Vacation Bible School. After she had told me about the western theme with all the decorations, the songs they were learning and what they were making, her mom asked her what was the Bible verse for the day. Sarah said, "God is always with us. Wahoo!"

"WAHOO, indeed!!!"
Pastor Margaret

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marty said...

Now Wilber is going to want you and/or Tommy to work "Wahoo" into one of your sermons.