Wednesday, October 16, 2013

You'd think I'd know better . . .

. . . after lots of treatment over several years, what to expect.  I guess I was so excited to realize last Thursday that I was at the end of the planned treatments that I fully expected to feel like the usual me by Friday. That did not happen!  Lack of energy and extreme fatigue, beginning Monday, made me really happy that a third treatment had not been scheduled.  By today I have begun to turn the corner and can hardly wait to resume life as I know it.

Things I have missed are:
*being in worship with my church family on Sunday;
*buying my own groceries;
*getting a pedicure;
*knitting with friends on Friday mornings;
BUT, in spite of what I have missed, I am incredibly grateful for what I have gained.

 Quiet times in the mornings mean more than they ever have, maybe because I am not so caught up with what I need to be doing.  God has been teaching me through Scripture, prayer and selected readings to draw closer to Him.  I have time to reflect on what I read, to study, to consider what it truly means to "practice the presence" of God.  I don't have to reflect in order to interpret for anyone else; my study is just that, mine. I don't have to prepare to teach others. I can settle down, rest, in the knowledge that God is faithful to His promise to never leave me.  He will be with me always. 

I look forward to better days ahead and I KNOW they will be better.  I just need to be patient, dependent and accepting.  God is good all the time; all the time, God is good.

Pastor Margaret

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