Thursday, October 24, 2013

Finally . . .

For several months I have been counting the days until now, October 28, to be exact.  That's the day I head to Jackson for a Pet/CT Scan to evaluate my progress and learn what the next step will be.  The tumor marker remains within the normal range and I am slowly beginning to regain some energy, just in time for cooler weather.  I look forward to sitting outside with my morning coffee. 

Though there are things I have missed, I have also learned plenty (both mentioned in last week's blog).  For the first time in almost 73 years, things have slowed down and I don't feel guilty when I need to rest.  It seems that so much of my life has been spent thinking of what comes next:  when I go to college, when I graduate, when/if I marry, have children, when they grow up . . .   You know what I mean.  As I look back, many of those experiences seem as if they happened yesterday.  I remember dreading the time when our nest would be empty and then realizing how good years those were.  We anticipated retirement and the promise of travel and leisure days.  All the days of anticipation seemed to have gone by in a flash.  Now, I wonder, "How did I get to this stage of life so quickly?"  It is not at all what I anticipated or planned.  But, life is good.

Once more, I ask for your prayers for my checkup on Monday.  Pray for God's all sufficient grace.  I think "grace" covers everything: that in God's grace I might be healed; that in God's grace I will accept whatever the news.

Pastor Margaret

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