Monday, October 22, 2012

Advice for the day- or any day for that matter . . .

Never, never, never take loved ones for granted, not spouses, family or friends.  Especially, don't take asking for God's direction and help to be a thing to be taken lightly.  I learned last week that I needed cataract surgery.  It didn't need to be done right away, but since I've met my Medicare deductible for the year and I really am tired of guessing exactly what the word in the Bible is and also tired of guessing words and numbers scrolling on the TV, I decided to go ahead and schedule.  Then came the problem of coordinating it with the Avastin infusions given by the oncologist.  I worked out the earliest time availble, which was next Thursday, Nov. 1.  When I told my friend, the eye doctor who had referred me to the surgery clinic, she said, "Let me see what I can do."  It gets a bit involved, but the bottom line is, she called, made a switch, talked to Tommy who will have to take me and stay while I'm there, and I'm now going at 7:15 in the morning.  Problems solved.

A few things remembered or learned:  your spouse is your partner, your helpmeet, but he/she is not always there .  Be thankful for them and tell them.  A family sticks together.  God puts us in families, not of our choosing, but His.  I was concerned for Tommy's schedule; he was concerned that I be cared for and as soon as possible.  (All he wants from me is lemon ice box pie which won't ever adequately express how grateful I am for children who care.)  Friends come alongside in many ways. Accept what they give, say
"thank you" and be ready to be a friend to others. 

Above all, remember that God cares about every detail in our lives.  My focus in praying about this was for God to be present in my cancer cells during the time I would have to be off medication.  I was confident that He would.  Meanwhile, God was intervening through the actions of my friend and my family to get things done right away.  Never doubt for a minute that God is in control, God is faithful and God reveals such love in ways we can not even imagine. 

Pastor Margaret

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Anonymous said...

You will do fine. You will be in my thoughts that day. I had it done a few years ago but only one eye at a time. Are you having both done at the same time?

You have been through so much more that I know the surgery will be a cake walk and WOW you will be amazed at the fall colors this year. Love, DeSha