Thursday, November 01, 2012

Good News . . .

Cataracts on both eyes have been removed and the results are astounding.  I guess that the clouding is so gradual that you don't realize the haze that covers everything - sort of like teeth turning yellow with age.  I have remembered Paul's words:  "Now I see through a glass darkly, but then face to face . . . "  One day the haze will be gone and we'll see God and understand things that once were not fully seen or understood.  For now, things are crisper, sharper, brighter; I'll have to wait on seeing "face to face."  I have a check up with the eye surgeon next week, see the optometrist the next week and I'm all done.  Good news!

The "good news" to share from the Petal High School Marching Band is that they marched in four different competions in October, ending with the State Competion this past Saturday.  They won first place in the 6A division.  Jacob is the section leader for the alto saxes and is pretty proud.  The football team has one more regular season game and then begins play-off games next week. 

Last night our church had its first Trunk or Treat event following potluck supper.  It was well attended by our membership and some moms and their children from the Christian Women's Job Corps.  Not only did the children have a great time, but adults of all ages joined in the fun by decorating their vehicles, dressing in costume and distributing goodies.  It's "good news" to witness a body of believers being family.  It says that people take seriously the baptismal promise made to nurture the Children of the Covenant. 

The news of Sandy visiting the eastern seaboard has not been good at all.  What has been "good news" to hear was the immediate response of area residents and utility workers who went to help.  When you live in areas prone to different types of natural disaster, you at least think you know what to expect and what emergency measures to take.  Even then, effects of storms can be devastating.  We are a nation divided on political issues, religious beliefs, morality questions, etc.  It took a  storm to erase some of those dividing lines as people put their differences behind and reached out to help.  That, indeed, is "good news."

Where would we be without the "good news of the gospel?"  Where would we be without God's grace?  Paul admonishes us not to let that grace go to waste.  In the midst of our personal news that is good, let us never forget the best news of all.  Let us remember to share God's good news in our words and our actions, not as humanitarians, but as people who have been saved by grace and who are intent on sharing God's Good News. 

Pastor Margaret


Polly said...

So glad for your excellent cataract removal surgery. Also glad for your personal note and sorry I haven't told you before.
I have copied by hand every word of your blog about divisions in the issue that has been troubling to me ever since we were at Belhaven years ago. Thanks so much for addressing this issue. We think alike on that.

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