Saturday, March 24, 2012

Where does the time go?

It's been said that the older we get the faster the days, weeks, months and years pass, but nobody said they would race at break neck speed. For a child, a few minutes seems like and eternity, but for those of us who are in the "older" group, we blink and the week is gone. As I drank my morning coffee, listened to the birds and felt the sunshine streaming into the room, I was reminded of making a commitment long ago to savor every moment of every day. Today is what we have. It is a gift not be be taken for granted. My college piano teacher would often begin a quote: "Thank God every day that you have something to do today that must be done." God gives the day; He gives the "something;" it's our job to discover and do it. So, this morning I made a list of what I thought most important for the day--I seem to work better from lists.

The children are outside, anxious to get in the pool. Instead, they are dangling their feet and sunbathing. The weather is certainly warm enough, but the pool water needs to be tested. It's amazing to see how wet they can get without ever getting all the way in the water. I'm tempted to join them, but then my list of "to dos" would suffer.

This afternoon the chickens will have their very own home. Tommy and a friend are constructing the coop and putting in the hay/pine straw. I haven't seen them in a week, but reports are that they are really growing. One sickly one died last week--now there are 13. My question remains: when will they lay eggs?

Herbs I planted before my trip are flourishing. I have started trimming bushes in the front and pulling weeds--a never ending job. Jacob and I put out some things I brought back from South Georgia and a little border grass that came originally from the house we built in Jackson. I had given my cousin some several years ago, so she gave some back to me. If I only had a green thumb like she has. I told Liz this morning that Julia could put her finger in the dirt and it would grow. She gets that from our Grandmother Carter.

It's been a good week, full and busy. My income tax stuff is just about ready to put in the mail and the IRS finally responded to my inquiry about someone using Tom's SSN last year and sent me my refund check. That only took 10 months! The office is shaping up; I found something that would clean the floors and not leave smears and streaks; decluttering continues. Chicken is cooked and ready to be made into pot pie and a strawberry cake is waiting to be baked. Paul said in his letter to the Philippians that he had learned to be content in any state. I agree. My "state" is good and I am content.

Pastor Margaret

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