Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The facts as I know them:

--Tom seemed better yesterday.

--He had spoke briefly to Marty on the phone yesterday. The account is on her blog:

--Today the white count was down and we had an answer to why it had been high. He has a bacteria in his intestine that can be caused by high doses of antibiotic and often presents itself in persons with compromised immune systems. They are treating it with other high doses of powerful antibiotics. Go figure.

--He worked with the physical therapists and managed to sit on the side of the bed for seven minutes. That was about ten this morning. He slept the rest of the day.

--Tomorrow he will finally have the swallowing test.

--I left the hospital a little before four to do some necessary errands. We are expecting more snow and or ice in the next couple of days and I needed to be prepared.

--Liz called to say she took the children by to see him after church. They sang "Jesus Loves Me" and "Deep and Wide" and he sang along. Earlier in the day he wouldn't have done that.

--We are still living hour to hour; don't know what to expect; don't know where he might go. Our trust is in our ever faithful God who knows the answers to our questions and will reveal them in His time. We continue to covet your prayers. I often tell others that God works through the prayers of His people. Never has that truth been more evident to me than now!

Pastor Margaret

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Bubblewench said...

Pastor Margaret, I think of you both daily. I pray for you both too. You are in my heart as you have touched my soul and reminded me of God's goodness which I had forgotten for many years. Love, hugs, prayers and good things to you & Tom.