Thursday, March 05, 2009

ZAAP! BOI-I-I-NG! HELP! My body met me Monday morning with protests. The chemo treatment on Friday really zapped me. I have felt like one of those weak, nerdy comic book characters who are at the mercy of the big, mean, powerful super bad guys. When Tom told me I needed to stay in bed, I didn't object and have been there all week, running temperature and having absolutely no energy. I told Tommy this afternoon that I knew I was better because I could think about what I would be doing if I were up and until today, I haven't had the energy to think. Enough whining! Tommy and Liz have kept us fed and fed well. Last night we had grilled catfish and tonight Liz brought green peppers stuffed with shrimp, rice and cheese. I told them it would be easy to be spoiled by such good food. I haven't felt like eating much, but it's been good to see Tom eat and enjoy things.
The snow we had over the weekend finally topped at 13 inches. Unbelievable! Jackson had not had that much snow in forty years. Most of it has gone, but it hung around long enough for the children to have fun in it. I asked Sarah and Drew one day when they walked around here if they had made snowballs, snowmen or snow angels. Yes, to snowballs and snowmen, but they said it was too deep for snow angels. They would lie down on it, sink and not be able to move their arms and legs. Marty sent pictures of Christopher playing in their front yard and he looked like he was having a great time. Now, we're in a steady warming trend and I hope when I do feel like getting outside that the signs of Spring will have reappeared.
We covet your prayers for energy and, as always, for healing. We also ask for prayers for our friend Henry who has had two back surgeries in the past week. God is merciful, gracious, full of compassion and oh so faithful (Lamentations 3:22,23)!
Pastor Margaret

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