Thursday, March 19, 2009

The run has come to an end. We have just witnessed our MSU Bulldogs fall to a bigger, more aggressive, more rested Washington basketball team. It's always disappointing to lose, but win or lose, we support the Dawgs. I remember the Bob Boyd days when we had little or nothing and the whole game was about ball control--it was a slow, dull game. Since those days the rules have changed and things move a bit more quickly. We'll now pull for LSU and Memphis--maybe North Carolina if they beat LSU. And as the saying goes among MSU fans, "Wait til next year."
I have reversed my progress back around the corner I turned on Sunday. If anything, I have had a little more energy, but when walking across the floor makes my heart pound and makes me struggle for breath, we know I'm not up to par. One thing that concerns us both is that I continue to run a low grade fever, but it is supposed to reach 100.5 before you contact the doctor. Since I, like so many, consistently have a 97.2 - 97.5 normal temperature, I know that anything over 98.6 is fever for me. That, in itself, makes you tired, but I haven't called anyone. My appetite is practically nonexistent, consequently I'm shedding a few pounds. That's a good thing! Tom has been concerned about our going to Memphis on Friday for the scans since I do all the driving. Tommy has a marriage counseling appointment out of town and isn't available to help us. This afternoon when the clinic called to remind me I told them I wasn't feeling too chipper and they said they would reschedule me for next week, but still in time for the doctor to see the scans before he sees me. Praise God! Now I have four more days to regain some strength. It has been a long three weeks.
I am in the midst of teaching a four part series on Keys to Living based on I Peter, the lectio devina spiritual discipline and Richard Foster's newest book, Life with God, Reading the Bible for Spiritual Transformation. If you are not familiar with Foster or this book, I would encourage you to look into it, follow its simple suggestions for reading God's Word and your life will be blessed. It's $25 well spent! Our first "key" last Sunday is to realize that we are chosen by God. The assignment for the week was to consider a current circumstance and meditate on how being chosen by God affects that circumstance. In our household, such a "key" gives us the assurance and encouragement to live one day at a time knowing that God is in charge.
Pastor Margaret

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