Sunday, March 15, 2009

When I awoke this morning I felt like I'd turned a corner. My first thought? It's about time! I had a little more energy and didn't have to rest as long after my shower. My hands and feet are about the same and my toes are not as sensitive to touch. Besides the fatigue my main complaint continues to be a sore place in my mouth, but it could be worse: the sores could be on both sides rather than just one. I am actually looking forward to the drive to Memphis on Friday to have scans done. We'll make an adventure of it.
Our Mississippi State Bulldogs won the SEC conference tournanment today and we were right here in front of the TV cheering them on. The win assures us a place in the NCAA tournament, meaning that our personal interest in the tournament isn't over yet! Almost everything in Tennessee is ORANGE and the sounds of "Rocky Top" being sung fills the air. The lone exception is the large contingency of Memphis fans who have been cheering on a better than average basketball team for as long as I can remember. As Mississippi State fans, we are definitely in the minority! Go Dawgs!!
Pastor Margaret

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