Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today is our 42nd wedding anniversary, a special day indeed!! I remember our wedding day as if it were yesterday. It was dreary and overcast and a light rain fell as we went to the church that morning for a "walk through." I had been to get my hair done while Dad and Tom worked at my apartment to be sure everything had been packed and was ready to go when we left the church that afternoon headed for Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. When we exited the church following the ceremony, the sun was shining. Oh, what a day! The years between then and now have flown and with each passing year I am more grateful for our life together. Though we are very much the individuals we were before our wedding, we are both aware of how much we are one. I cannot imagine life without Tom!

Tommy cooked a wonderful, celebratory dinner Sunday night: roast tenderloin of beef with a potato sandwich and green salad. The potatoes were julienned and sauteed in a rectangular shape, then put on a baking sheet. A layer of carmelized onion and cheddar cheese was added, then another layer of potatoes. Dessert was chocolate mousse pie, leftover from our Valentine dinner the night before. We shouldn't have to eat again for a week.

Celebrations are special and help us show how we feel about people and things. We celebrate anniversaries, not only of weddings, but other events as well: graduation, retirement, taking a new job or position. Birthdays are cause for celebration. In a way we even celebrate the birthdays of those who have passed from this life to the next, as we remember them and thank God for their lives. Tom and I celebrate every day, knowing that each day is a gift from God. We celebrate when we think of the vows we took, promising to always love and honor one another in every situation--sickness and health being a big one for us. We don't look like that bride and groom in the pictures taken 2/18/67. He is thinner and balder; I am larger and gray.
We smiled then because we were happy. We smile today because we have the joy of sharing all our days together.

Pastor Margaret

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