Monday, January 26, 2009

Today is Christopher's first birthday. Where did the year go? He has changed from a wiggly, sweet little baby to a "into everything," even sweeter little boy. How could my baby have a baby of her own? How could my son have five children? Where did the all the years go?

I look at our children and see responsible, fine adults, but I also see chubby cheeks, feel their hands in mine as we cross the parking lot and see anxious teenagers preparing for their first dances. I hear the conviction in his voice as our son tells us about Elizabeth and I remember the day he became a husband. I feel the pain we felt the rainy day that Marty moved away to North Carolina. I feel all their joys and all their pains--I did when they were little and I do today. Now they have children of their own--seven in all.

"Sunrise, Sunset," where did my little girl go? How did my little boy get big? As a favorite aunt said, "Love them today. Tomorrow they go to college."

Pastor Margaregt


Anonymous said...

I sing that song to myself often. sunrise and sunsets do come and go so quickly but oh they are so beautiful when you take time to look at them and enjoy them, thus it is with our children too. they grow so fast and are so beautiful and what a joy they are to us as we continue to grow old GRACEFULLY?

Anonymous said...

p.s. I am anonymous that shares children with you. was not sure how to put my name on there.