Thursday, January 22, 2009

Late this afternoon I was in the kitchen making some advance preparations for our dinner and when I looked out I saw a little apricot dog standing in the yard. He was tied and barking. Then I saw Sarah at the back door. She was out to take Max for a walk and came to see us. Seeing her was one of those surprises that makes our day! I let her in, found her a snack and we sat at the table for a while--until her mom called and said it was time for her to come home. I love it when she visits!

Tomorrow friends are coming for lunch. Our pastor friend and his wife from Humbolt are coming for a farewell luncheon. Next month they are moving to Florida and we will really miss having them in our area. Things have not been easy for them in this pastorate and in talking with her last night she expressed how special it has been for us to have been here at this time in their lives. I never thought of that; I was just glad they were close by to us. She is the one who told me to remember when we went to California that God was going before us in triumphant procession. Doesn't God work in mysterious ways? God brings people into our lives who bless us as God's ambassadors and often we don't even realize it at the time.

Take time today to thank God for those in your life who bring you joy and comfort. We're thanking God for Sarah whose smile melts our hearts and for Pam and Paul who continue to bless us with their friendship.

Pastor Margaret

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