Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just when you think . . .

--that the new Christmas tablecloth will fit the table something happens that makes you wonder. Should I have bought a larger cloth? We learned from Marty this week that next Christmas we'll need to fit one more at our table. She and Kevin are expecting a new baby in September. I can't help but remember how pleased Dad was to be seated at the family table with children and grandchildren gathered round. He'd grin and say, "Just think. I started all of this." I know now how he felt!

--that the winter storms have passed us by, another front moves through and we scurry about wrapping faucets and getting supplies. We are promised very cold temperatures this week, along with frozen precipitation. School children are excited; parents are not.

--that football is mostly over except for the pro playoffs and the Super Bowl, you watch favored and favorite teams lose and you wonder: "How did that happen?" Our favorites were favored, they lost and we've pretty much lost interest. Maybe that's not all bad.

--that life has taken a turn and you begin to settle into retirement, new opportunities arise. Our friend and Sunday School teacher is undergoing radiation and chemo for a malignancy in his throat and is taking time off at least until Easter. I was asked to fill in when possible and when I learned that the class would be studying the book of Mark, I jumped at the chance to teach as many of the classes as possible. I started this morning and was so excited to be back in a teaching situation. The fatigue that has become a constant companion seems to be swept away when I'm teaching. I forget the illness, the chemo, the side effects and focus entirely on sharing the Word of God. What a reminder of what is truly important!

Just when you think God is finished with you, you are reminded that He is not. A wise professor once pronounced that the only retirees are in heaven. God has called us to glorify Him and to enjoy Him forever. I learn anew, each day, what that means.

Pastor Margaret

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