Thursday, October 16, 2008

Erroneous belief about older people concerns change. How often we hear the words: He will never change. She just wants to keep doing the same things in the same old ways. Here's my response: never is a strong word--use it sparingly and wisely. Also, we may not want to change things or the way they are done, but the truth of the matter is, we are more acquainted with change than people of other ages.

Change sneaks up on us when we least expect it. Life is happening all around us; things are going smoothly. One day follows another; family events and celebrations seem almost routine. One day we are young, healthy, prodcutive and the next day advancing age is evident, our health is declining and our services are no longer required. Who says we don't know or can't adjust to change? Change is as inevitable as life itself.

That's where Tom and I are this week--facing the possibility of more changes. Changes have taken place in him and we're not sure if they are from medication, the advancement of the disease or a combination of both. I suspect the latter. Four nights in a row, when he got up in the night, he could not stand up or keep from falling. Why he has no broken bones, I don't know. I have spoken with a pharmacist, a nurse and a doctor and am following their directions. Yesterday I had a long talk with our helper about what we may be looking at sooner, rather than later. What a Godsend she is!

God's grace has been evident in the stamina He has given me in these last few days. I did have a treatment last Friday, plus both flu and pneumonia vaccines, so normally would be really tired especially getting up with Tom at night. I didn't even have to take nausea medicine but once since the treatment. God's grace continues to sustain us!

Both the changes and the grace just keep on coming.

Pastor Margaret


Bubblewench said...

I will, as always, keep you & Tom in my prayers.

Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy the written thoughts that you share with us.
enjoy hearing about the grands that we share also!!