Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Isaacs I have known - well sort of . . .

First of all there is Isaac, son of Abraham who, as a young man, was obedient and submissive.  I have always wondered if he was quiet or full of questions as Abraham led him to be sacrificed.  Where are we going?  How much further? Why? Why? Why?  I can relate to that.  Honestly, though, I can't think of much more about him other than his marriage to Rebecca and his interaction with sons, Jacob and Esau. 

Thomas Isaac was a favorite combination of names in my father-in-law's ancestory.  He was quick to point out that none of them lived past 22 years of age so he wasn't too hopeful of having a long life.  He joked about the name. His parents did not burden him with that combination and instead named him Thomas Henry.  Unlike his ancestors, he lived to be 94.  I wonder if omitting Isaac from his name helped.

Then, of course, there is Isaac, the hurricane, downgraded to tropical storm and now, once again, a category one hurricane.  There is almost too much information in the media about him!  Katrina taught people to BE PREPARED!  After church on Sunday we set about just that.  We each had an assignment.  .  Liz's was to buy water, flashlights and batteries.  The Walmarts were sold out.  My assignment was to get basic information on a portable generator and try to find one.  Though I learned what I needed to know from making a call to a cousin, I had no luck locating one locally. Tommy heard of a few being sent to the Hattiesburg Lowe's Monday morning and was there early to purchase one.  Its tank holds six gallons of gas and runs for about eleven hours.  We had only one gas can.  There were no cans to buy in Petal.  I went to Jackson to the doctor, taking my list of needs with me.  A friend went out and bought us four gallons of water, I bought four five gallon cans, batteries and went to a full service gas station to have them filled. and loaded into my car.  School let out early today is cancelled until the storm passes. 

So, what do I know at this point about Isaac?  He's been upgraded to a hurricane and is aimed at the tip of Louisiana, not the "landmass between Mobile and New Orleans," as some have designated us.  What that means is that we lie in the northeast quadrant of the storm, not a good place to be.  We already have wind gusts and rain, but no tornado warnings yet.  I am settled in for the duration!  I wrote last week of God who stands in the midst of the storms in Scripture.  I count on Him, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

Interesting trrip to the doctor yesterday!  I didn't feel good because of fighting a sore throat for about two weeks, I had storm preparations on my mind and most of all I had my Aunt May in my heart and prayers.  She is 94, in the hospital and we've been told that there is nothing else that can be done.  Aunt May has often been mentioned in my blogs because of the special person she is, how she loved and nurtured me when my daddy left my mother.  She literally poured her strength and faith into me at crucial times.  I want to be there with her in South Georgia right now.  My blood pressure was high when they first checked my vitals, so the doctor had them recheck after my visit with him and before he would okay a treatment.  Every ten minutes for four more times, they checked.  It fluctuated, but wouldn't go down sufficiently.  The doctor thought possibly the upper respiratory problem was the culprit of the high pressure, but I'm sure there were some other contributing factors.  Other than that, things are stable. 

Until the storm passes . . . .
Pastor Margaret

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