Saturday, August 04, 2012

Another week . . .

in the life; another week in the country, trying to stay cool and rested.  I watched the American women run 26 laps around the track yesterday and was embarassed by how tired I was after pushing the grocery cart through Wal-Mart earlier in the week.  How true the saying: "The mind is willing, but the body is weak!"  The answer is probably in learning to accept, as Paul said:  "I have learned to be content in whatever state." 

The chickens have begun laying and the little girls are beyond excited!  The eggs aren't large, but they're coming on a consistent basis.  It's a good opportunity to get everybody hyped about eating eggs.  Elisa announced that she had tried grits and liked them.  Hooray!  She's not the best eater in the world--unless it's sweet and covered with sprinkles. 

Tomorrow I have been asked to preach in a small African American church in Hattiesburg.  I've been there once before this spring and loved being in their fellowship.  Since the pastor has been leading a series on prayer, I'm preaching one of my favorite texts to preach/teach: Jonah 2.  The passage is an obvious reminder that indeed, we cannot hide from God and that God is faithful to hear our prayers, no matter how low we have sunk.  Jonah was blatantly disobedient; he tried to run away; he put others in danger; he dared to question God's compassion on people who were different from him.  Still, and from d-e-e-p within the belly of the fish, God heard and saved Jonah.  It's been difficult to finish up the sermon from stopping to consider how like Jonah I am.  Then I see God's compassion shining through; I see God reaching down to find me wherever I am hiding and I find myself safe and sound, counting my blessings.  Communion will be part of tomorrow's service and I hope I don't turn over grape juice on the white cloth like I did the last time I was there. 

Monday I'm off to Jackson for the monthly check-up and hopefully a treatment.  This month is the tenth anniversary of my diagnosis and surgery.  It's hard to believe!  Tom would be grinning from ear to ear--I can picture him now.

Pastor Margaret

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