Saturday, June 09, 2012

Is it worth it?

It seems as if every time I get ready to post something, the blogger folks have changed the format and it's difficult for me to figure out how to post.  Am I really that technically deficient?  Facebook is the same.  Where did all those pictures at the top of the page come from?  I'm supposed to mark my "best friends."  Reminds me of my six year old granddaughter who designates almost everyone in her class as her "best friend."  It makes me wonder:  who exactly is a "best" friend?  All my friends are BEST--the best in all the world!  When I encounter all these changes, I am tempted to quit posting.  Then, when least expected, I run into someone who says:  "I read your blog."  So, I'll keep on for now.

I spent several days last week in Memphis with my cousin and had such a good time.  We talked into the wee hours, went through knitting patterns and yarn, ate at favorite places and just enjoyed being together.  Our church has had Vacation Bible School this week and the children came home with lots of new songs and verses they had learrned every day.  It will be fun in the morning to see their final program in the morning worship.  This afternoon T & E hosted a crawfish boil--the second of the season for the softball team and the young adult Sunday School class. The weather has been threatening all day, so much so that an older adult outing was postponed, but it cleared off this afternoon and lots of people came.  The pool was full of children and the carport was full of adults eating crawfish and all the trimmings.  If I were a bit more computer savvy, I would post picture for you to see.  Maybe next time.

The best part of the week for me was getting reinvolved with older adult ministry in a "hands on" kind of way.  I began a small group study one afternoon and did some home visits a couple of afternoons.  I can't tell you how it warms my heart to be involved!  I know that I am an example of what God does in the life of one who makes themself available.  Visiting used to scare my socks off!  It's sort of like Peter who kept falling all over himself until the Holy Spirit took over and made him bold and on fire to speak God's Word. 
God has given me a special love and concern for His oldest children and I love to be with them.  Never say never.  God can and will use you if you are open to His leading!!

Have a great day of worship tomorrow! 

Pastor Margaret

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