Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ah . . . Summertime

It's hot, humid and laid back.  Summer produce is abundant, Gulf seafood is plentiful and we have plenty of folks to partake of all the abundance.  For instance: a favorite family from our church came out to swim this afternoon and brought food to put with what we have.  Jeff, being from New Orleans, has cooking in his blood!  In fact, he's the chef for the crawfish boils.  He and Tommy are pooling resources and cooking up a treat of bar-b-qued shrimp, something with crawfish and some leftover trout filets.  I can hardly wait.  Earlier in the week I froze a bushel of butterbeans and will put up another bushel of something else in a few days.  I am reminded of a verse in psalms that says:  "Enjoy God.  Cheer when you see Him."  I cheer inwardly every time I enjoy all the fresh abundance of our state!

A new computer system at the University Medical Center made for a long day Monday.  I waited over two and a half hours for lab results so I could be given dye for a scan.  The most annoying part was that they had called to ask me to come early, which I did.  Several people thanked me for my patience and I had to confess that I really wasn't all that patient.  Two days later a nurse called to report that the scan is stable and that the Avastin is being restarted.  That means another trip to Jackson this week for treatment--four hours on the road for a 30 minute infusion--a 30 minute infusion that keeps this nasty disease under control.  I'm not complaining. 

So many good things took place during the week!  Two different days I had lunch with friends, I met with the small group I started, took four of the children to the library on two different days, got back to my knitting group at the shop and visited with an old friend of Tommy's who I haven't seen in over ten years.  Tonight Jacob returns from a week long mission trip in Jamaica and tomorrow we celebrate his 16th birthday (a couple of days late).  This afternoon I feel so blessed and somewhat overwhelmed by God's gracious gifts.

On a sad note, we said goodbye to John Marlin this week.  We will miss him, but rejoice with Connie that he has been healed and is at rest in the arms of Jesus. 

"Enjoy God.  Cheer when you see Him."

Pastor Margaret

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