Saturday, April 02, 2011

Catching up . . . As I said in the last post, this is my first March Madness without Tom. It's not quite the same. I've been watching the semi-finals today and I know he'd be pulling for, not Kentucky, but the SEC. There is no one sitting in his chair and no one cheering or clapping his hands, but I can imagine him and his responses. I thought on Thursday as I sat in the clinic in Memphis waiting on all the various things for which I was there, how much I missed him. I had never gone to an appointment in Memphis without him and I had to bite my lip to not cry, especially in the examining room while waiting for the doctor. I knew he would be holding my hand, silently praying and telling me that everything would be all right. I could only imagine. And always, before we left that room we would pray aloud, thanking God for continued mercies. This time I prayed alone. I will always miss him. The little things still make me sad. I was in Memphis Thursday for an evaluation and received good news. Dr. Reed is pleased with my response to the oral chemo once a day as opposed to being infused every other week. The new system allows me to maintain my energy level. The scans indicated no change in the disease: no improvement, but no increased activity either. Praise God! Tommy has accepted a call to be the Director of Discipleship at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Hattiesburg, MS. He will also apply for his counseling liscense in Mississippi and help begin a counseling ministry at the church. God's timing, as always, is absolutely perfect. Tom and I have encouraged him all along to be open to this call ever since it became a blip on his radar last summer, but we believed that we were not able to move with him. He continued to insist that he would move without us and we prayed for God to open the door and for Tommy to be obedient. The official phone call came the Sunday we were coming home from Tom's service. Liz, Sarah and I went to find a house(s) during Spring Break and found the perfect setting. Again, the hand of God was present and so visible. We found a place on ten acres, in the best school district, with a guest house behind the main house. We know it was the answer to many prayers offered on our behalf!! Now, we are praying for a teaching position for Liz, to sell both our houses here and to work out the details of the move the first week in June. My oncologist made a referral for me to see who he calls the "guru in oncology" who teaches at the University of Mississipi Medical School in Jackson and who also has private patients. Dr. Reed added that this doctor "knows ovarian cancer like the back of his hand," high praise coming from him. Thursday my appointment was made--another answer to prayer. I begin seeing him in June. So often we look back on our lives and remark how we can see how God was present in the midst of events. We have been blessed to see daily how God is at work--in all circumstances. There was much to share tonight. I pray that you, too, might be encouraged in your Christian walk and that you might trust God for all your needs. He is ever faithful! Blessings, Pastor Margaret

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