Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Salt and Pepper

Ever since Jacob was big enough to stand on a step stool he has cooked with his dad. I remember a time I was keeping him and was told he'd like macaroni and cheese for lunch and that he would like to help make it. He was between two and three years old. The others have come along behind him, each taking their turns in the kitchen, helping buy groceries, choosing vegetables at the Farmers' Market. Now, it's time for Marty to start the same with Christopher who is two and a half. I can think of all kinds of good reasons to teach your children to cook with you: the parent learns to exercise patience, the child beams with a sense of accomplishment and it's one more thing you can do together. I love knowing that my children are spending time in the kitchen with their children--and I love the outcomes.

Recently, I called Marty, asked what she was doing and she said she was eating a blueberry muffin with salt. That seemed a strange combination until she told me that it had been Christopher's job to add the salt. He went a bit overboard. But, she, being the good mother she is, was eating those muffins and enjoying every bite. Monday night we had a hamburger supper with Tommy and family and Meredith had helped him stir up the baked beans. They were really hot. You guessed it. She added the pepper and was so proud of herself for how she had helped. Tonight Sarah, age 10, made the berry cobblers for supper at the church. Not a spoonful was left in either pan so I know they were good. I'm a proud grandmama and a proud mama. I'm proud of my children for teaching their children to cook; I'm proud of my children for exercising good parenting skills; I'm happy to witness the bonds that are being strengthened with every stir.

Pastor Margaret

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Anonymous said...

Well, you know they come from good stock! Thanks for setting that tradition that they are now able to pass on.