Saturday, July 10, 2010

Looking Back . . .

The week was full of doctor visits, family time and fresh produce. The doctors are necessary and we're grateful for the ones we have so I'm not complaining about going. Tom had a check up with his primary care who grinned from ear to ear when he saw Tom. He couldn't get over the amount of improvement he saw--weight gain and increased strength. Annual checkups with the opthamologist brought news that Tom's cataracts are ready and we'll go back in a couple of weeks to visit with the doctor who will actually do the surgery. Our doctor no longer operates. I had some macular changes and it is believed they are causing a little change in my vision. When the "problem" was discovered several years ago I was told it would deveop over time and eye vitamins would help. At that time we thought the cancer would take over and I'd not have to think about possible eye issues and I confess that I'm not good about taking vitamins, but think I will now. Friday was a trip to Corinth for the chemo drug, but not the Avastin. Often I am a bit nauseated and tired the day after, but haven't been either today so took advantage of feeling good and worked in the kitchen some.

After I enjoyed a pedicure this morning I went to the Farmers' Market, mainly for tomatoes. I went, telling myself that I would buy just what I could put up or cook today and stuck to it. so this afternoon I made blueberry pie and froze two packages of corn. Can't wait to eat blueberry pie in a little while!

Monday afternoon we had planned to grill hamburgers etc., sit on the porch and watch the children play. Tommy was involved in a project so we decided to order pizza instead and still get our visit in. Jacob was inside playing the piano and came outside to get Sarah and Drew to play a game of matching tones. After a few minutes of that he came back and proudly proclaimed that Drew matched every tone! I looked at Liz and said, "Could anyone else tell that this is a family of musicians?" His Mimi & Pop (Liz's parents) and his Aunt Marty would be equally proud since they are musicians of note. The rest of us all have musical backgrounds as well.

What might be called "the thought for the day" in a link to Our Daily Bread said this today: If we obey God's calling, He will provide the needed strength. A few particular people came to mind as I read that statement. We all have issues; we all have frustrations; we all have areas where we just have to be in charge. Some continue to search for God's direction--for a specific call; some believe they know what God wants of them, but are frustrated with the process. The quote for the day affirms what we already know. God demands our obedience whether the issue is what we should do or where we should go. Even in retirement we are to remain obedient. The second part of the statement is another 24/7 thing to remember: He will provide the needed strength. Today I will remember to be "anxious for nothing;" I can depend on God to provide the strength I need.

Pastor Margaret

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