Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's No Secret . . .

. . . that yesterday was the first day of summer. We were in Memphis for an appointment for scans at the cancer clinic. It was freezing inside the clinic, but oppressively hot outside. Of course I grew up mostly in the Memphis area and I remember well the hot, humid, high temperatures. The heat advisory continues and we continue to stay in unless it's necessary to go outside.

. . . that Southerners lie in wait for the first tomatoes of the season. Whether we grow them ourselves or rely on the Farmers' Market, we take turns checking to see if/when the "tomato lady" will have some to sell. Last Saturday Liz visited said "tomato lady" before I even opened my eyes and wasn't disappointed. This morning a friend called, said she had been to the market and wanted to bring a vegetable supper to us. It was so good! We had green beans cooked w/ new potatoes, squash and onions, corn on the cob and cornbread. What a way to end the day!
Earlier in the day a friend brought lunch along with cucumbers she had just picked in her garden. We had a little touch of heaven on earth. I wonder if vegetables can get any better.

. . . that we have health issues. I wonder sometimes how many hours of my life have been spent waiting for a doctor or for a procedure to be done. I had an appointment this morning with the primary care doctor and we thought it was a most satisfactory visit. He straigthened out a glitch we encountered trying to get a medicine the insurance wouldn't cover. His main concern seemed to be my low blood counts and believes when they rise, I'll feel better. Well, yes!!! Of course, as long as I have cancer, I'll have treatment; as long as there is treatment, there will be low blood counts. Just as cancer and treatment have become a way of life, so now will fatigue.

. . . God is faithful beyond what we could ask or think. In spite of the knowns and the unknowns, I am more at peace than I have been in a while. Once I remarked to my friend Susan, who also has ovarian cancer, that my trust in God is firm, but it seems I forget sometimes that He is in charge and is caring for me. She reminded me that I don't have to remember because God is on duty 24/7 and never forgets. Just what I needed to hear. As I face tomorrow I can be assured that I do not face it alone. As God said to Joshua: I will never leave you nor forsake you. Now, put a smile on your face, straighten up, be strong and courageous; be strong and very courageous (a few of my words added). You may have some concern in your life that would be helped by remembering "24/7."

Pastor Margaret

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