Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back again . . .
Has it really been over a week since I've posted? Makes me wonder where the time goes. After all I am retired and have nothing to do or so I've been led to believe. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. We still have to eat, wear clean clothes, keep appointments, etc.--all the things that make life fun. Retirement is a concept I can't quite grasp. It's much like age. The years keep piling on, but I forget the numbers. Surely I won't be seventy in a few months! A wise man once said: the only retirees are in heaven. I believe it! After all the catechism says that a person's chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. It doesn't say when to start, nor does it end--forever is a long time. In the eyes of the world I'm retired and have lots of time; in my own mind I'm busy as I can be and love every minute of it.

Today is a good day! Forty one years ago while Tom was at the Law School taking two of the most important exams of his first year in law school: Contracts and Torts, I was at the hospital giving birth to Tommy. It almost seems like yesterday. Then I look around and I think about the "remember whens" and I know years have passed. We will have birthday dinner with him, Liz and all the children later today. I love celebrating family birthdays and didn't think anyone loved them as much as I. That was before his children were born. They make every birthday, every holiday an event. That's part of the joy of the day. Liz has made lasagne and I'm taking German chocolate cake at his request--baked the cake yesterday and will make frosting in a bit.
In our family we call it "elbow cake." Before Tommy married he and his friends came in one night after I had gone to bed. The next day was Tommy's birthday and I had made the requested German chocolate cake late in the day, leaving it on racks covered with dish towels to cool overnight. When I uncovered the layers I noticed one was sagging through the rack and I wondered why it fell. I carefully pieced it back together, went ahead and frosted the cake. We had family dinner and friends came for cake. One said, "Hey, Tommy. What did your mom say when she saw I had put my elbow in the cake?" Thus the name; thus a memory; thus a laugh all over again.

After worship this morning the congregation at Humboldt honored Tom and me with a "thank you" luncheon. It was a bittersweet time. A new pastor will begin on June 15, a pastor we believe God has called for this time and for this church. That's good. We, on the other hand, have gotten so attached to our Humboldt friends that we are sad to be saying goodbye. What a wonderful year it has been for us!

On the health front we're doing okay. Tom continues to gain a little weight and recover strength. The therapy he's had has worked wonders. I have had my root canal and await an appointment to have the crown measurements taken and then installed. Treatment continues and seems to be going well. God is good!

Pastor Margaret

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