Monday, June 15, 2009

In case you didn't hear, the news on my bloodwork last week was good. I had gone to Corinth on Monday to have blood drawn and expected to return on Friday to see the doctor. Wednesday one of the assistants called to say I didn't have to come in unless I was having any problems. My CA125 has gone down another three points--still not within the range my Sacramento doctor wanted it to be, but well under the number that causes alarm. I feel extremely blessed.

For the past couple of hours we have been glued to the TV--except for the time we took cover in the bathroom. Sirens alerted us to the fact of a tornado warning and the city has had some severe weather, but no tornadoes. A strong lightening strike knocked out the computer at the emergency center downtown, so that put an end to being alerted by sirens. I understand now that we are expecting a severe thunderstorm warning to be in effect a little later and that it will possibly bring damaging hail. Have I told you before how much I hate bad weather?

I was supposed to drive to Humboldt for a monthly Session meeting, but called the Clerk and advised him to postpone it til next Monday. It is such a joy to be in the pulpit on a regular basis and to be personally and pastorally involved with a congregation. Every day I am thankful for everything I learned at Fair Oaks and every day I feel this empty spot in my heart because we are not there. Yet, we are content because we know God brought us here.

Our oldest grandson was thirteen yesterday. Bless his heart. He let us hug and love on him and he endured endless stories of the day he was born. He and his dad, along with 16 other young folks and 3 other chaperones, left this morning for a Middle School church conference in Cleveland, TN. After church yesterday Sarah left for a week of church camp at the Presbytery campsite. We are aware that the weather system affecting us is also affecting the area of the state where she is. Our granddaugter in North Carolina left today for Applacian State in the northwest part of the state to attend an academic type camp that she was invited to attend. It's hard to realize how independent they are becoming, all the more reason to be constant in prayer for them.

The best news we have is that Marty is expecting their second child on Christopher's first birthday. She is doing well, just has morning sickness at all hours of the day. Please pray for a successful pregnancy and delivery next January.

Pastor Margaret

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Anonymous said...

Pastor Margaret! What good news about Marty! She will be on my prayer list. Every once in awhile I want to let you know how special your blog is.It's the next best thing to having you here.You have a loving church family here too...and when I'm missing you, I do remember that God sent you to us for a wonderful season and now He has sent you elsewhere.God is good, all the time, every day, every way.L,Valerie P.