Thursday, September 13, 2007

We're still dealing with "things." Life would be a lot simpler if we did without them. Probably fifty years ago the aunt for whom I am named gave me her doll collection to add to the few I had. As long as we lived in the house we built in Mississippi I had some of them displayed, but since then there hasn't been that luxury of space and they have been in boxes deteriorating with age, dust and heat extremes. During the last week I have been going through them, getting some out to put in a lighted cabinet and other miscellaneous places around the house. Some I threw away, some I rewrapped for storage and others I put in a special drawer for the granddaughters to play with. I'll enjoy watching them most of all.

Yesterday was the second meeting of the Bible study I'm teaching this fall. My Fair Oaks ladies really spoiled me to teach for anyone else. They were always so responsive and ready to discuss things. This is a much smaller group and pretty quiet. I wasn't sure they would come back after the first week. We're looking at the book of Acts using all the words that begin with the letter "P"--i.e. people, places, purpose, persecution, preaching, prayer. Since the book is actually about the acts of the Holy Spirit we began with the Person, the place and the power of the Holy Spirit. Since the study immediately preceeds Wednesday night supper, I call it "Peas for Dinner." It's fun for me to be studying and teaching again.

Sunday I've been asked to preach in a small church about thirty miles south of here. They don't have an installed pastor and their stated supply is not available this week. We're looking forward to going and have two sets of directions to find the church. If not, we can always look for the Baptist church and ask them like the last time.

News came last night of the passing of a dear lady in our California church. She was always so affirming and encouraging, kept a smile on her face and when she wasn't at a gathering I missed her. Her passing really saddened me and made me realize once again how difficult it is to be away from those we hold dear and how much we have been blessed by the relationships that were made at Fair Oaks.

Thanks to all of you who read and have let me know.

Pastor Margaret

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