Friday, May 11, 2007

We are beginning to realize just how busy retirement is! Monday Tom had appointments with two different doctors: a follow up with his neurologist and an introductory appointment with a GI. Both went well. The neurologist had the results of all the tests Tom has had in the past month and a report from the visit at the Vanderbilt Clinic. All things considered, we both thought it was a good visit. There is no appreciative change in mobility or in the MRI, but the blood work did turn up an abnormality in protein activity which led to the couple of scans he had. They discovered a nodule on a lung which he knew he had and has had for at least fifty years. There was nothing else so the blood will be monitored. He doesn't have to go back until August. The GI visit produced no answers about his weight or the problems he's had with his stomach. We answered all the questions we could, but the doctor really needed past records as a place to start so he was to send for them. He also ordered an ultra-sound of the gall bladder which will be done later this morning. I know Tom is tired of being poked, prodded and pictured.

Tuesday morning I spent with Sarah, home from school with strep throat. I remember that when we lived across the country I'd think that if only we were closer, I could help with the children at times like these. And while I was with her I remembered the Noewen quote I shared not so long ago about God-given tasks. Staying with Sarah was one of those. She is an affectionate, expressive child, quick to say "I love you" and give you hugs. We spent some time reading together and it was neat to notice how her reading skills have improved over the past few months.

Another morning we had a handy man here working, doing somewhat simple tasks that we can either no longer do or want to do. Even though he was doing the work, I still needed to be available. We have also had three lawn services come give estimates on yard maintenance and getting beds cleaned up from normal winter wear and the untimely freeze we had at Easter.

Wednesday night I had the program for the weekly supper at the church. I enjoyed working on the talk, but trying to get a power point done without the assistance to which I was accustomed took a lot of time. I wished more than once for Mary and Mindy! Then we had technical problems when the projector couldn't find my computer. I don't know why. They were sitting right next to one another! I'm not sure I will ever understand this computerized world!!!

This morning I saw an answer to a prayer. The Psalms are always a part of my daily quiet time and right now I am meditating on Psalm 119 one section at a time. The reading today began with the psalmist asking God to deliver him from his suffering. Throughout the psalm the reader is in touch with all the sorrow and oppression in the life of the writer and it is easy in some respects to identify with him. But today, as I read his request to be delivered from his suffering, I put down the Bible and thanked God for what He has done for me in this area. I am still concerned about cancer and pray for continued remission; I am still lonely and miss my friends and ministry more than ever; and I still am saddened and frustrated with Tom's illness, but reading the psalmist's request was one of those "aha moments." God is at work in me, refocusing my thoughts to His faithfulness and goodness, away from life's impossibilities. The problems still exist, but I believe and can say with certainty that God is greater than the things that so easliy get me down. What a blessing it is to realize an answer to prayer! (See Jeremiah 33:3 and Lamentations 2:22-23.)

Pastor Margaret

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marty said...

I think it's perfectly fine to be happy about where you are and sad about where you are not - all at the same time.