Sunday, May 06, 2007

This weekend my mind and my heart have been miles away at a beautiful campground in Northern California. I have remembered the surge of expectation as I've rounded the final curve before Woodleaf comes into view. I have seen the flowers in front, the spotless grounds and then I see women, teeming like fire ants, trying to find a parking place, registering and greeting one another as if they haven't seen each other since this time last year. For some this is true because women come from many places for the FOPC Annual Women's Retreat. How I wanted to be there!

Instead I am home and today worshiped at the church where we now attend. It was Communion Sunday as it was in many churches. While I was sitting in our usual spot toward the back, I thought of our former church, the one that nurtured us as a family and each of us as individuals. They celebrated the Lord's Supper today and I saw in my mind a process I've seen countless times. I remembered our friends gathered around the table. From our spot near the back I could see many new people in our lives and wondered if I'd ever learn all the names. It doesn't matter. The Lord's table is common ground.

My mind and my heart were miles away at the celebration of the Lord's Supper at a beautiful campsite in Northern California. Some two hundred and fifty women were gathered for the culmination of a weekend of fellowship, fun, learning and spiritual enrichment. It is an indescribable experience, one that blessed my life for seven years, each one in a special way. This time last year I officiated at table with them for the last time, but what a special time it was! It was special because of the strong bonds of friendship that exist with those who were gathered there. We are together, the Body of Christ. I sat on the pew, prayed for my friends far away and heard the words of a song Marty sang during the service: "How beautiful, how beautiful is the Body of Christ." I am most grateful for memories and the friends who have made them. The Lord's table is a powerful reminder.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Margaret

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