Monday, November 11, 2013

Apprehensive and doubtful . . .

are two of the words I felt after seeing Dr. Thigpen two weeks ago.  How could eliminating one drug and changing the administration of the other make a marked difference in the way I would feel?  I had a real "wait and see" approach to things.  Now, I wonder, why do I doubt the expert?  Carboplatinum is difficult on the bone marrow so taking it away should help with the side effects. It has.  Stretching out administration of the Taxol to three hours instead of one should help with the neuropathy.  I'm not sure about that.  I just know that after treatment last Thursday, I don't feel as wiped out as I usually do.  Yea!  Welcome change!!  I should never question.  I have the expert and his prodigy overseeing my care, but most especially, I have the One who has promised to never leave nor forsake me!

Today is a big day for Elisa.  After six weeks, the doctor is removing the cast from her arm.  She has been a real trooper, only complaining about the arm itching, though dressing and bath time have been challenging. 

It is also Veterans' Day, a day that causes us to remember the ones in our family and circle of friends who have fought for our continued freedom.  I think of an uncle who was awarded four purple hearts for service in WWII, not a distinction to be desired, and who retired after 33 years of active service, his son, another uncle, my brother-in-law and especially, Tom.  I always greeted him the morning of November 11, with a thank you and a big hug.  And, I always remember the Sunday closest to Veterans' Day at Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church when veterans were honored, so many of them that there was hardly room down front for all of them. 

Freedom is precious and it comes with a price.  You know the saying, "Freedom is not free."  Men and women sacrifice so that others can enjoy the freedoms we have come to enjoy--and expect.  Jesus gave his life so that we can be free from the guilt and consequences of sin.  It's a different kind of freedom; it costs us nothing; it cost Jesus everything.  Freedom.  Today I am free to go to church where I choose, live according to my means where I choose, come and go, determine the size of my family, vote and have voice in the way I am governed.  I say I am thankful for those freedoms, but don't always exercise them.  The same is true with freedom that is mine in Jesus.  I may loudly proclaim my gratitude for what Jesus has done for me, but continue living as if it doesn't matter.  I don't relish God's grace as I should.  Earlier in the year, as I read Galatians, I read also Traveling Light, by Eugene Peterson.  In it, he writes about living out the freedom and living in the freedom we have been given (my words).  I see two important words here:  "given" and "living."  I don't have to earn anything, but the gift should be ovbious in my life.  It's what I call a "point to ponder." 

Have a great week and remember to live like the free person in Christ that you are!

Pastor Margaret

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